Rules are for breaking

Rules are for breaking

We are all creatures of habit. Many of us try to be open to new ways of doing things but, let's face it, the way we learn something quickly solidifies to become the right way to do it.

Like, what is wrong with those people who put ketchup on eggs? Or the ones who spell it catsup? How do they not know how wrong they are?

Anyway, my wife and I learned to play Hand & Foot as individual players. We didn't know until years later that the more common way to play is in teams. And it was much after that when we became aware that there are no official rules for Hand & Foot.

So when we set out to create Hand & Foot Remastered we did our best to ensure that our cards could be used with 99% of the ways people play the game while still knowing our way is the best. :) Just kidding. The only rule we've found that doesn't work with Hand & Foot Remastered cards is any value used for 3s that is different. But even then you can still play your way.

Since we launched HFR we've received a lot of great comments from people sharing how they play. Some of the rule variations sound like a lot of fun and we will be trying them. Others have been downright strange, but, to each his own; we love that they love the cards!

Keep an eye out here to learn new ways to play. Who knows, maybe you'll find a rule you prefer.

The first alternate rules to share are related to rounds.

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