Action Pack FAQs

We left the instructions as simple as possible so you can adapt your play to enjoy the Action Pack in whatever manner you prefer. 

That said, there have been inquiries about our intent with the cards. We have created the Frequently Asked Questions below to provide clarity. 

How does playing an Impact card work? – Select one Impact Card before the start of each round and place it face up in the middle of the play area for everyone to see. The Impact Card applies to all players. 

How does playing Action and Attack cards work? – 

  • We suggest starting with a random mix of 4 cards per deck. A four-player game would have 20 Attack and Action cards shuffled into your Hand & Foot Remastered cards.
  • In future games adjust the number of cards you add to your preference.
  • Attack and Action cards are played by discarding them to end your turn. After placing them on the discard pile, perform the action described on the card. 

How do you score the cards? – If you are still holding an Action Pack card at the end of a round you will receive the negative points found on the face of the card. Positive points will never be awarded from an Action Pack card, but you may benefit from the action the card requires. 

How were the point values decided? – Point values were based on one thing, what will motivate someone to play the card? 

  • If the card is helpful to the player discarding, the negative point value is low because they will want to play the card.
  • If playing the card is not beneficial to the player discarding, the negative value is high to force them to play it. The high negative score leaves the player in the position of having to decide if they want to hurt their score or help someone else’s. 

When a card refers to all players does it include the person discarding the card? – Yes, cards that say all players include the player discarding the card and all partners if playing in teams. 

Can I give myself extra points when the card says, “give to any player”? – No, the intent is not to help yourself or your partner.

Can I swap hands with my partner if I play the “Swap” card? – No, you cannot. 

The Action Pack was created with the sole purpose of having fun. We encourage you to enjoy the game as you wish. 

For example, my Mother-In-Law is adamantly against the Hot Seat card. We will never play that card with her again; but other people will really enjoy the unpredictability of the card.

If you have any additional questions, please write us at

Also, if you love the Action Pack and have any ideas for future cards, we’d love to hear them. If we do make another pack in the future, and we use your suggestion(s), we will send you one for free!