Hand & Foot Remastered Expansion Packs


What do you get when you introduce friends to the card game Hand & Foot Remastered? More friends of course.

That’s why you need our 4 Player Expansion Pack; to expand your games up to 8 players. Plus, just like the decks in the 4 Player game set, each deck has its own color on the back to make adjusting the number of players in your games a snap.

Please make sure you already own the 4 Player Edition with the original 5 decks of cards before ordering an expansion pack.

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Customer Reviews

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Art Blum
Game Changer!

Played numerous times over a family reunion weekend. The expansion pack had everyone laughing. Well, except for one person that agrees with your mother-in-law!

Awesome game!

My husband has been playing Hand and Foot for more than 35 years. His grandpa taught him how to play and he taught me to play when we were married more than 20 years ago. We’ve now taught our children to play but it’s really hard to find a place to buy the game… until now! We’ve gifted this game to friends and family members. It’s awesome!

Paul Lillibridge
Expansion Pack

I am just glad that there is an expansion pack as our group has grown to over 6 people playing on our scheduled night.

Lynne Galletti
Great addition to the game!

Great game and now we can play with more people! Highly recommend getting the expansion pack

Kathleen Morey
Our Most Favorite Game

We plays LOTS of games, but H and F is our fav. Every week we get together with another couple and play three full games, then go to dinner!!! We've been doing this for three years since we discovered the game. Recently we decided to spice things up: at the beginning of our day, we each choose cards to see who we are teamed up with for that game; now we don't get so shook up when we, as a couple, are on a losing streak!!! It's competetive, addictive, totally fun!!! And these cards are the best!!!! New ones are fabulous, don't get dirty like the originals...I have a thing about cards getting dirty! BTW, we have now invited another couple to learn the game so we can play twice/week!!!