What is Hand & Foot Remastered?

Simple. The best card game ever, reborn!

Ours are the only cards made specifically for the game Hand & Foot, that make it easy to learn, easy to keep score, and even more enjoyable to play. We did all this without changing how you play and without limiting you to a low number of players. We even perfected the Hand & Foot score sheet!

The goal of this exciting game is simple. Collect cards to earn points while discarding cards from your hand, and then your foot, to end the round. The player with the most points at the end of four rounds wins.

Fun for groups of all types and size

This fun and strategic game can be played with 2-8 players ages 14+; plus, it can be played in teams or singles for the ultimate flexibility. Looking for a social and laid-back game? You found it. Or maybe your friends and family have a competitive streak? They will love trying to end each round quickly.

4 rounds of non-stop action

Each round you must play all the cards your hand, and then your foot, to collect groups of cards called books. You can choose to keep the round going to build more books or end the round quickly to try to catch your opponents off guard.

Bridge-sized Cards

Our Bridge-sized cards are slightly narrower to make it easier to hold many of them versus Poker sized cards.


5 or 9 decks of 300 gsm, Linen Finished cards, a 25 sheet scorepad and the game instructions. (Team Play Edition cards have a smooth finish).