What is Hand & Foot Remastered?

What is Hand & Foot Remastered?

To answer that we need to tell you about Hand & Foot first. Hand & Foot is a complex card game with a lot of rules that can be intimidating at first. It was taught to us by my wife’s grandparents and we then taught children and my 90+ year old grandmother. It can be a relaxed game or it can be a highly strategic and competitive game. It can be played in teams or, our preferred way, with individual players. No matter how you play you will become addicted.

It is called Hand & Foot because you are initially dealt two sets of cards. You start playing with the first, which is called your hand, and once you play through your hand you begin playing with the other set called your foot. The object of the game is to create “books” of cards which are made up of seven cards of the same value or with a mix of wilds. Create the required books and play all your cards, while getting the most points, and you win the round.

But be careful, while you’re working to end a round someone else could be collecting points to steal the win from you.

Why would we need to change the game we love?

Simple. We changed nothing about the way you play the game. What we did was design cards that are made specifically for the game and tweaked some words in the instructions. It’s like when you really like your kitchen but your wife wants to remodel it, so you do. Then the new kitchen works the same way as the old, but its so much better to cook and hang out in than before. We have made Hand & Foot even more enjoyable to play.

What’s different then?

Hand & Foot is played with regular old playing cards. That is the first source of confusion for new players.

  • Suits mean nothing when playing Hand & Foot so why use cards that have them? We eliminated the suits.

  • Hand & Foot requires Red and Black books, but the color of the card does not matter. You can use all the black cards you want in a Red book. This is no longer an issue with our cards.

  • Each card has a point value, but playing cards have no value printed on them. Scoring at the end of a round can be challenging so we added point values on the face of the cards.

  • With traditional cards players must remember which are wild. Trust me, someone always forgets! We simply changed what would be wild to actual wild cards.

There is another issue when playing with outdated cards.

Hand & Foot is played with one more deck than players, so when you and your better half have Liz and Coury over every Friday to play, you will use five decks of cards each time. But, when Coury invites Tom and Bev to play you will need to use seven decks of cards. Then, the next week when you are back to four players because Tom and Bev took off to teach their friends, you cannot start playing until you tediously sort the cards to pull out the two extra decks.

With our remastering of the cards there are nine total decks, enough for up to eight players, and each has a unique color. So now, when you need to adjust the number of decks, you just flip over all the cards, pick colors, and remove all cards with those colors.