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What is Hand & Foot Remastered?

Simple. The best card game ever, reborn!

Ours are the only cards made specifically for the game Hand & Foot, that make it easy to learn, easy to keep score, and even more enjoyable to play. We did all this without changing how you play and without limiting you to a low number of players. We even perfected the Hand & Foot score sheet!

The goal of this exciting game is simple. Collect cards to earn points while discarding cards from your hand, and then your foot, to end the round. The player with the most points at the end of four rounds wins.

Fun for groups of all types and size

This fun and strategic game can be played with 2-8 players ages 14+; plus, it can be played in teams or singles for the ultimate flexibility. Looking for a social and laid-back game? You found it. Or maybe your friends and family have a competitive streak? They will love trying to end each round quickly.

4 rounds of non-stop action

Each round you must play all the cards your hand, and then your foot, to collect groups of cards called books. You can choose to keep the round going to build more books or end the round quickly to try to catch your opponents off guard.

Bridge-sized Cards

Our Bridge-sized cards are slightly narrower to make it easier to hold many of them versus Poker sized cards.


5 or 9 decks of 300 gsm, Linen Finished cards, a 25 sheet scorepad and the game instructions. (Team Play Edition cards have a smooth finish).

Play your way. With the
Hand & Foot Remastered Edition
that fits you best.

Hand & Foot Remastered 4 Player Edition

Our 4 Player Edition is perfect for those who play singles or teams with 2 to 4 Players. It contains 5 decks of linen finish cards, a 25 sheet score pad, and game play instructions.

Hand & Foot Remastered 8 Player Edition

Our 8 Player Edition is perfect for those who play singles or teams with 2 to 8 Players. It contains 9 decks of linen finish cards, a 25 sheet score pad, and game play instructions.

Hand & Foot Remastered 8 Player Team Play Edition Featuring Large Print

Our Team Play Edition features larger print and is perfect for those who play in teams with up to 8 Players. It contains 9 decks of smooth finish cards, a 25 sheet score pad, and game play instructions.

If you prefer to play in teams and do not require the assistance of large print, we recommend selecting our regular 4 or 8 player editions.

Hand & Foot Remastered Action Pack Add-In

Once your are ready, you can take your Hand & Foot Remastered game to the next level with our Action Pack!

Featuring exciting cards that add new rules, fun twists, and unexpected surprises to the game, our Action Pack is the ultimate way to add even more fun and excitement to your Hand & Foot Remastered games.

We recommend 1 Action Pack for each game set. After enjoying the Action Pack you can determine if you would prefer to add more cards and purchase another pack.

Attention to Detail

Score Pad Perfection

When we searched for score pads for ourselves we were always disappointed by the options out there. They were too small at 6 X 9 inches or only had columns for 4 players.

Our Hand & Foot Remastered 120 Sheet Score Pads are printed double-sided on 60 sheets of high-quality paper and, at 7 X 10.5 inches, allow for up to 8 players with large blocks to write in.

Point Values on the cards and no useless suits

Say goodbye to new players forgetting the value of each card.

Even better than that? Never again will they need to ask which cards are wild or the difference in wild card point values.

And even better than that? We eliminated the suits that aren't needed for the game but sure did confuse some players.

Large Print Available

When we first started out with Hand & Foot Remastered we had a request from a customer who needed a bit of help seeing his teammate's cards down the table. So we created our Team Play Edition featuring larger print.

Now there is no missing what your team is working on.

Easily adjust the player count

Hand & Foot is played with one more deck of cards than the number of players. Imagine going through 9 decks of cards to remove 1 deck when a player can't make your game.

With Hand & Foot Remastered the back of every deck is a different color. Need to remove a deck? Just pick a color, remove it, and you're good to go.

What do you get when you introduce friends to Hand & Foot Remastered?

More friends of course.

Those who start out with the Hand & Foot Remastered 4 Player Edition will, at some point, need to increase their game from 4 to 8 players.

Our 4 Player Expansion Pack has them covered. It includes the additional 4 decks that are included in our 8 Player Edition. So you can start small and add to your game as your player count grows!

House rules, uh.....RULE!

There are no official rules for the game Hand & Foot so one family's version can be very different from the next. That's part of what makes the game great.

Have no fear. Hand & Foot Remastered cards can be used to play with our rules, or with the rules your Pop-Pop taught you.

So take the chance and experience the improved game play Hand & Foot Remastered gives to your favorite, or soon to be favorite, card game.

Common Questions

What is Hand & Foot?

Hand & Foot is a variation of the card game Canasta and is often referred to as Hand & Foot Canasta. The exact origin of the Hand & Foot variant is unknown but has been traced to the United States in the 1970s.

Why is it called Hand & Foot?

The game got it's name from the fact that each player is dealt two sets of cards each round. The set you start with is called your hand and once you play all cards in your hand you begin playing with your foot.

Why is Hand & Foot Canasta so much fun?

Because it is the most flexible card game! With 2-8 players its perfect for most size groups. Plus, you can play in teams or singles while using a variety of house rules. While playing you can be losing by a wide margin and you still have a legitimate chance to win.

How many decks of cards do you need for Hand and Foot Canasta?

The game is played with one more deck of cards than players. So 8 players would use 9 decks. That’s a lot of cards, but you never again need to play with 9 different decks with different sizes and printing.

With Hand & Foot Remastered every deck has a different color on the back so it is quick and easy to remove one or two decks when the number of players at your game night changes. Long time players have said they love this feature of the cards and will never again play with traditional poker cards.