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The goal of this exciting game is simple. Collect cards to earn points while discarding cards from your hand, and then your foot, to end the round. The player with the most points at the end wins. How you choose to play is not as simple.

Holding your cards keeps other players guessing, but puts you at risk.

Playing your cards forces others to react, but be careful, you may wish they didn’t.

No matter how you play, this fun and competitive game is never the same twice. Our fun, festively colored cards feature the card values on their face to keep the game fast paced. And our scorepads make it easy to keep track of this competitive, high-scoring game.

  • Fun for groups of all types and size - This fun and strategic game can be played with 2-8 players ages 14+; plus, it can be played in teams or singles for the ultimate flexibility. Looking for a social and laid-back game? You found it. Or maybe your friends and family have a competitive streak? They will love trying to stick you with negative points.
  • 4 rounds of non-stop action – Each round you must play all the cards your hand, and then your foot, to collect groups of cards called books. You can choose to keep the round going to build more books or end the round quickly to try hurt your opponents before they hurt you.
  • Bridge-sized cards are slightly narrower to make it easier to hold many of them versus Poker sized cards.
  • Includes – 5 or 9 decks of 300 gsm, Linen Finished cards, a 25 sheet scorepad and the game instructions for singles play. (Team Play Edition has a smooth finish).

Available in:

  • 4 Player Edition
  • 8 Player Edition
  • 8 Player Team Play Edition Featuring Large Print
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Customer Reviews

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Mary from Missouri

Love, love, love this game! I've purchased all the accessories. Would love to see a couple of well-designed t-shirts or coffee mugs with something funny like "There's No Crying in Hand and Foot". A carrying case or tote bag to keep all the cards, holders, scorepads, and other stuff together would be nice. I have to use an old shopping bag. Maybe a nice card shuffler that can handle multiple decks. I got a cheap noisy one from Walmart. Just a suggestion: Instead of making the directional card for the action pack a circle... just make it a rectangle so it will fit in the deck pack. It's probably going to get lost at some point. Love the Excel spreadsheet score card. Thanks!

Annette Harris

I enjoy that card game so much with regular cards but these specialty cards makes it so much more fun and takes less thinking. Thank you for advertising 👍👍👍

Lots Of Fun!!!!!

Since receiving Hand & Foot a couple weeks ago we have played at least 50 games with different friends & family members. It is one of my all time favorite card games & I will continue to play this game a lot!!!!

Sandra Wojnowska

Hand & Foot Remastered Game Sets


Love playing this game great family night game, the only negative thing is the rules to how to play the game need to be better written in the box you get, but we still loves playing the game. Not sure on something but just went with the flow

Hi Diana. Thank you so much for your review. We agree with you, the instructions in the box could be better, in fact, they've been rewritten for our next order. In the meantime you can find clearer instructions here https://www.handandfootremastered.com/pages/how-to-play. Or, write us at support@handandfootremastered.com with any questions you may have and we'll be happy to help.

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