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The goal of this exciting game is simple. Collect cards to earn points while discarding cards from your hand, and then your foot, to end the round. The player with the most points at the end wins. How you choose to play is not as simple.

Holding your cards keeps other players guessing, but puts you at risk.

Playing your cards forces others to react, but be careful, you may wish they didn’t.

No matter how you play, this fun and competitive game is never the same twice. Our fun, festively colored cards feature the card values on their face to keep the game fast paced. And our scorepads make it easy to keep track of this competitive, high-scoring game.

  • Fun for groups of all types and size - This fun and strategic game can be played with 2-8 players ages 14+; plus, it can be played in teams or singles for the ultimate flexibility. Looking for a social and laid-back game? You found it. Or maybe your friends and family have a competitive streak? They will love trying to stick you with negative points.
  • 4 rounds of non-stop action – Each round you must play all the cards your hand, and then your foot, to collect groups of cards called books. You can choose to keep the round going to build more books or end the round quickly to try hurt your opponents before they hurt you.
  • Bridge-sized cards are slightly narrower to make it easier to hold many of them versus Poker sized cards.
  • Includes – 5 or 9 decks of 300 gsm, Linen Finished cards, a 25 sheet scorepad and the game instructions for singles play. (Team Play Edition has a smooth finish).

Available in:

  • 4 Player Edition
  • 8 Player Edition
  • 8 Player Team Play Edition Featuring Large Print
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Customer Reviews

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Glenda B
So much fun!

Adding the action/attack pack to the game was a lot of fun, you never know what card your opponent will play next.


Love this!! Easy to teach my kiddos!

Made a great game even better!

A must have for those who has ever played Hand and Foot, or anyone that wants to learn a great game that you’ll be wanting to play on a regular basis. Easy instructions that can be adapted with your own variations. Scoring pads are a WIN! Easy to ready numbers on the cards. Special Action card set takes the game to the next level! Hand and Foot Remastered is a real winner!!

Kathy Trejo
New Hand & Foot player

Yes I am new to the game. A good friend introduced me to it. Two other high school friends also play and we plan to meet and start playing on a regular basis.

Great addition to my game cabinet!

Have been playing this for 30+ years and it has gotten harder to find people to play. Now, with this version, it makes it easier to teach newbies and I can actually get family to play with me. Also been playing without partners for the first time and it’s really fun!!